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These days, search engine optimization has become a very popular buzzword all over the world. Webmasters and website owners always strive to make their website reach the top ranks in the major search engines. For this reason, they try to get in touch with an expert SEO company like Green Genie SEO to outsource their website optimization needs. But, what exactly makes Green Genie SEO your expert SEO company?

A quick search in Google will reveal around 1,030,000 results when you type the keyword expert SEO company. With all these results, it is very easy to end up confused in choosing a truly reliable company that offers quality SEO services. Take note that not all companies that appear in the results of Google may be real experts in offering sustainable search engine results presence or SERP, and competitive SEO. 

Green Genie SEO sets itself apart from all the other companies claiming to be the best through having some of the essential attributes which make a company a true expert in offering SEO services. 

The Working Methodology 

SEO or search engine optimization can be a very time consuming and complex task. It requires a lot of inputs and efforts in pushing websites to the top results of Google and other major search engines. Thus, before you outsource your SEO projects, you first need to check the company’s working methodology and confirm if they are following white hat SEO techniques as well as manual processes for ranking their clients’ websites on top. 

Certified SEO Professionals

It’s the basic requirement to be an SEO expert company. You shouldn’t believe on any company that claims it to be an expert if their team of SEO professionals isn’t certified by Google and some SEO bodies with global popularity.

Previous Customer’s Feedback

It’s essential to look at what the other customers say about a company. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, you should always check for the results. Typically, a trustworthy SEO company offers several case studies on their website along with website URLs and keywords for which they had optimized case studies. Therefore, nobody can check the status of such keywords on particular search engines to verify expertise.

Aware of the Latest Changes in SEM and SEO World

If everything is fine and you’re confident about the results of above benchmarks, only you must confirm outsourcing the SEO of your website to any company. Never just go on the false promises made by other SEO companies. Let Green Genie SEO help you with your unique requirements on digital marketing and SEO and know why they are considered as experts in the online industry.

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